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    This is your favourite mangaka, Akiko Higashimura, the creator of your favorite series Kuragehime aka Princess Jellyfish in her studio



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    Look at that vegeta pose


    Illustrations from Hagio Moto’s Cherish Book

    …If you ever have any extra money around or save a big collection of change I highly recommend checking this book out. It’s easy to find it on YAJ for prices around 500 yen, and even though it’s tiny there are a lot of nice illustrations inside.

    It was totally already worth spending more than 500 yen on just because of Oskar being on the slip cover


    beautiful autumn coats<3/ schöne Herbst-Mode<3

    you can buy them here/ hier kannst du sie kaufen

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    One very early morning in the middle of nowhere…

    JSK: Dear Celine

    Blouse: Offbrand (thrifted)

    Cape: Offbrand

    Stockings: Daiso

    Shoes: Bodyline


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    If someone corrects your pronoun use, be respectful and carry on with the corrected pronoun! We’re all people in the end! :)

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    me when i see sexist facebook dudes’ statuses

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    Andrej Pejic & Erika Linder for Fashion Forward by Elyse Walker

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